Annonces brèves ! Kundé 2014, les artistes burkinabé à l’assaut de 14 trophées le 25 avril prochain. Qui de Rovane, Bil Aka Kora ou Alif Naba va succéder à Dez Altino ?- Stage international de danse d'Afrique de l'Ouest à Koubri, Burkina Faso du 27 avril au 2 mai 2014 - "LES MARLEY D'OR", trophées de la musique reggae au faso le 11 mai 2014 au SIAO Le Festival International du Rire et de l'Humour de Ouagadougou ( FIRHO 2014) se déroulera selon le programme ci-après : 30 mai à la maison du peuple, 31 mai, Gala à Azalai Hôtel et le 1erà Faso Parc– Pour lire toutes les annonces, Cliquez ici ! >> Pour lire toutes les annonces, Cliquez ici ! >>

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The artistic circle in Burkina Faso is made of many and varied sorts of artists: actors, musicians, visual artists, and so on. To promote these artists, the government of Burkina Faso and other private promoters have set up appropriate cultural organisations in that respect. And these organisations are namely Fespaco (Panafrican Film Festival of Ouagadougou), SIAO (International Handicraft Show of Ouagadougou), Semaine Nationale de la Culture (National Week for Culture), Nuits Atypiques de Koudougou (Atypic Nights of Koudougou), and so on. These various institutions all set up after the independence gave a boost to the emergence and the artistic and cultural development in Burkina Faso.
Nowadays, with these cultural centers and the democratic opening initiated by the President of Faso, His Excellency Mr. Blaise COMPAORE, the BBDA statistics curve has experienced an evolution, shown through the increasing number of artists and the noticeable passion for art. The Burkinabe artists,

His Excellency



in general, are talented and determined. We have good quality actors and musicians who are working day after day to be known and commanding the admiration of the music lovers. In the field of handicraft, Burkina Faso has distinguished itself during various sub-regional artistic festivals, and this is a source of satisfaction. In the other fields such as fashion art and others, though some innovations must be brought in, Burkina Faso has one of the best craft industries in the sub-region.

However, the emergence and the boom in art cannot by themselves ensure a full development of the sector. The main handicap for the artists today is not to produce like they did immediately after the independence. It is now a matter of promotion which, by itself, can ensure distribution of their films and make their talents known inside as well as outside the country.
Yet, notwithstanding the efforts made by the ministry of culture in that respect, efforts relayed by FM radio stations, national and private TV channels, the various spectacles given here and there by the artists themselves, it can be noticed that the burkinabe artists’ financial situation is not brilliant. Very few of them who are professional today can have a regular and sufficient income. In short, “the burkinabe artist can’t make a living out of his art”. The creation of this website is like one of the solutions to support the existing organisations for the promotion of the artists and their works which are: cinema, theatre, music, handicraft, plastic and food processing arts.
So the " " site is a complementarity. This new tool will help the Burkinabe artist, from now on, to be seen and known by a larger public and to:
1- sell better
2-increase the audio-visual and handicraft production
3-make the Burkinabe artists’ talents and works known throughout the world
4- help to sensitize the target public (mostly the young people) about STDs/HIV-AIDS.

We register any artist who wants through this website to make themselves known. " "is ready to cover anyshow given by the artists if it’s informed. Before some further rules give precisions on the registration and ceremonies coverage conditions, we offer free of charge promotional services to the artists.
So, those who would like their activities: cultural activities, training workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. to be mentioned on the internet and at the artists’ request " "can cover the event and open a web page in that respect with priority, of course, given to the artists.
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